They went to Nancy's regular stores, and were able to find Sandy her own clothes that matched Nancy's outfit exactly.

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There sat three people in their underpants, but only one of them was to be made to remove them in this hand. Suddenly I had a thought, well I'd been having a few but this one was the most chivalrous. How about, we all remove our underpants at the same time, I said.

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As I'm kneeling here sucking on him I'm getting more and more turned on by seeing just how much pleasure it is that I'm causing him. I can feel drops of my liquid leaving my vagina, but I'm much more focused on him, I'm staring right into his eyes, and he is staring right back at me, the smile on his face and the breathing just makes me so happy. I can tell just how much he is loving this. And as his eyes close I can feel his penis starting to jerk in my mouth so I prepare myself for the explosion of sperm thats going to flow into my mouth, but I don't stop my sucking and rubbing.

I want his face to tingle from this, even though this certainly won't be the last one I give him tonight.

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