You're not helping the situation, I smiled. Try not to be so damned sexy, will you.

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Carmen's incessant flirting with the men in the department was getting to be a joke. Jon pocketed his phone and looked at Chase. I'm sorry, big man. I hate to do this to you, but I can't come. I have to fly to California tonight.

 Vintage mom son taboo  Vintage mom son taboo

It was only guys. It was all Tom could reply, mainly because his mind pictured several guys taking turns on Dana, ramming their hard dicks inside her, forcing pleasure into her frame, ejaculating inside her and planting the seeds of a baby, one after the other, grunting all the while; he was angry at himself for feeling aroused as she talked about what must have been a hardship from her past.

He was also angry because he could now picture himself participating in the orgy. How beautiful Dana must have been at nineteen already. I was willing, Dana commented, but I got pregnant.

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