It was a strange sensation. She knew the emotion wasn't hers as well as the anger he held in check, in tight control.

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She noticed he had checked her top to bottom just as he backed away, with a rise in his eyebrow at the toes and shoes. He had changed into a nice soft cotton tee and some dark washed jeans with loafers. Maddie loved Aiden's super soft tees.

She owned one of them, he had given it to her years ago, and she kept it in the back of her pj drawer, for the occasional self-therapy session. If you say so.

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I'm pretty comfortable with my body. Well you have no reason not to be she replied. I thanked her and we continued flirting conversation for a while until I asked her if she wanted to take a dip. I think the temperature may have bumped up into the 90s, and we were both quite hot from both the heat and sexual tension.

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