The sound of the gun going off, sends a deafening ringing to their ears as they watch the little man's body fall heavily onto the mattress. With a scream, both girls leap from the bed and rush to their father's side.

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We still stayed at the Lady Unicorn Inn and Tavern in the middle-class section of Mythfall, but we had hopes that would change soon. Lysa had kept her word, and visited me every morning to join my bed, share pleasure, and so I could harvest her soul for energy. It was that energy of course, that powered my half-demon talents as the son of an incubus. Our alliance with Lysa's vampire kiss had also born other fruit, as we'd just been admitted to the most closely guarded part of the city, where the royal family lived and ruled.

It was very odd for anyone other than a noble or castle servant to be admitted.

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Yes, Bailey replied. So I'm giving thanks to a Canadian, Laura intoned. If I didn't know any better, Kent thought, I'd think Laura decided much earlier tonight that she wanted me to spank her and is getting there come hell or high water. Dammit, Bailey muttered under her breath.

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